A God Complex

Except I just decided to do this today, to get into the swing of writing, so I will cram the past week into one blog. Ha. I got this idea because I have to create a newsletter for work, and I don’t know how to introduce a newsletter in a newsletter so I thought about blogs and websites that write introductory posts and then I lamented about how none of the themes really do what I want them to do and why didn’t I continue learning CSS?

I became a powerpuff girl named Honey. Honey demands worship. All hail Honey.

April began with a determination to save money, be responsible, study hard, work hard, and grow (because April showers bring May flowers and flowers have to grow??? GET IT?) I downloaded Monefy Pro and set up a budget, added every purchase for the month of March, and then proceeded to lament about how much money I spend (I bleed money). I went on a date to the mooooovies, I no longer trust old white guys who try to help (10 Cloverfield Lane got real), I finished Writing My Wrongs, a heartbreakingly honest autobiography of convicted-felon-prison-reformer Shaka Senghor. I continued deleting people on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. I don’t remember my Tumblr password.

Screenshot_2016-01-16-11-48-44I made a resolution to read more, and the series Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick is on my list to review when I stop being afraid to fail. I want activity on my blog, but I don’t share anything. And then that makes me want to write less. The premise of Bitch Planet is all non-compliant women are sent away to a prison planet. “Non-compliant” women are ugly, they’re fat, they’re queer, they’re black, they’re mean, they don’t smile, they fight back, they don’t need men to give them compliments to make them feel good about themselves.

It begins with a man who sent his wife to bitch planet because he wanted a mistress. He then has people try to assassinate her as soon as she gets to the prison. Some lesbians make out, knowing that a cop set up a peephole, then beat the shit out of him when his guard is down. The prisoners decide to compete in a form of wrestling as a spectator sport. Shit. Goes. Down.

I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I contemplated hopping on a plane to Greece and never coming back. Then I realized that I don’t speak Greek.

But on a less campy note, I feel like I’m turning myself into a Mary Sue. It’s a long, long, long transformation into nothing which I assume is adulthood. I pay bills. I whine about money. I go to work. I shower. I eat. Repeat.

I hope I can wake up soon. I’m honestly too cute to waste away.

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