Object Permanence is a lie.

Object permanence is a lie created by the government to make you complacent.

I work near an airport. It is far enough away that the sound of planes cannot be heard indoors, but close enough that when I’m walking around outside, I can see them after takeoff. Like a five year old, every time a plane is overhead and I’m outside, I stop what I’m doing and watch it cruise through the air, mesmerized until something blocks its view or cars honk at me. I originally wanted to be an aerospace engineer. How weird.

bdn8bqyikev2gI had two anxious freak outs yesterday. Kudos to Honey for being calm. First because I wore tights yesterday and I wanted to pack them. The first thing I do when I come home is take off my clothes. I threw the skirt, shirt, and tights into a small pile beside my chair. As I packed clothes, the tights were no longer in the pile. They weren’t packed. They weren’t anywhere near the chair. I swore I put them there. I remember looking at them in the pile. Turns out, I left them in the bathroom. The second freak out was over a pair of socks. As I paired socks and counted how many to pack, I set out a pair for today on top of the headboard shelf so that in the morning, I can grab them without digging for them. And, if you’re following the pattern of the story, they were not there. I still don’t know where my socks are.

So either our house is haunted or object permanence is a lie. Honey’s stuff doesn’t disappear, which means the ghost has a vendetta against me or it doesn’t exist. I don’t believe in ghosts so the only possible reason is that object permanence is a lie. What does the government possible get for lying about that? No idea. But I’m never wrong so this is the only way. Or ghosts, but conspiracy theories are a lot less likely to end in possession.

In other news, I haven’t brushed my hair in a while and I am edging closer to my next milestone tattoo.


Fun fact: if you look up Sailor Moon gifs, literally all she does is eat and cry. She is my hero.

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