Bob’s Burgers’ Reference

Have you seen that episode of Bob’s Burgers where it’s Linda’s (the mom) birthday?

She realizes that no one went grocery shopping so she goes to the grocery store. Someone cuts her in line at checkout. That person is friends with the cashier so they talk and waste time. The cashier tells that person that they got the wrong cups so he holds the line while his friend grabs the right cups. He reviews her savings with her. Then two cars parked too closely to Linda so she has trouble getting in. She rips her pants. She gets out and accidentally bumps the door. It closes, with her keys, wallet, and phone locked inside. She asks the cashier for help, he refuses. She ties a grocery bag around her pants (because they’re ripped!) and asks someone for help. They run away from her. She hops on a bus and tries to go home. They go in the wrong direction (for a long distance). She tries to walk home, trips, breaks her glasses. A skunk sprays her in the face. She runs into the person from the grocery store who insults and chases her. She gets home, the door is locked. She climbs on the dumpster and has to break into her own house.

This is how I feel every day.


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