My Favorite Band Splits

I love the band HIM. I unapologetically love their weird ass, depressing ass, fatalistic love songs. I love the super dirty, grungy 80s metal slowmo guitar solos and the lithe piano riffs and the bass that sounds like sex and the baritone. HIM, to me, sounds like two young pale as shit goths sneaking off to have sex in a forgotten cemetery in the middle of nowhere. And you know what? I don’t care.

Long hair, all black, eyeliner, depressing love shit. So. Much. To. Love.

For all of their kinda creepy shit, HIM taught me how to love. HIM taught me unconditional, unapologetic, reciprocated love. And sure, it may have been through vampire imagery and an obsession with the number 666, but it got the job done.

So, without further ado, this blog post, formerly titled, “Every Single HIM song that I love with matching weirdo lyrics to enjoy” but I hate long titles and I only have so much storage, will commemorate some of their greatest work and lessons in love. Songs that really got me through hard times and felt like saving grace. None of this is in order. Also, they’re just fun.

Honorable mentions up front (and get your laughs out now): It’s All Tears (Drown in this Love), Pretending, Cyanide Sun, Heartache Every Moment, Gone With The Sin, Passion’s Killing Floor, Dying Song, Death in Love With Us, Love You Like I Do, Right Here in My Arms, Sweet Pandemonium, Circle of Fear, The Face of God, The Funeral of Hearts, This Fortress of Tears, and The Foreboding Sense of Impending Doom.

  1. “Aren’t you happy to see me crawl serpentine towards the sun, to you? Lift the lid off your heart’s casket in the arms of rain. We’ll drift along this river of sadness till we feel no pain. Baby it’s the Hail Mary’s for the secrets you kept from me, Hail Mary’s for tomorrow’s dream. In the arms of rain we are free.”
    – In the Arms of Rain
     from Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice, Vol. 666 (this song literally makes me cry every time I hear it — the audio clip above)

    Chain-smoking in the middle of a concert? Oh god, teenage me was screaming “marry me now.”
  2. “I gave up long ago, painting the world with crimson flow, ran out of blood and hope. So I paint you no more. My hell begins from the tenth and descends to the circle six hundred three score and six. And from there I crawl beneath Lucifer’s claws just for one last kiss…”
    -Sleepwalking Past Hope
     from Venus Doom
  3. “To cry is to know that you’re alive, but my river of tears has run dry. I never wanted to hurt you, no, but a cold heart is a dead heart and it feels like I’m being buried alive by love. If I should die before I wake, pray no one my soul to take and if I wake before I die, rescue me with your smile.”
    – Buried Alive by Love
     from Love Metal
  4. “Let me weep you this poem as Heaven’s gates close, paint you my soul, scarred and alone, waiting for your kiss to take me back home. Hold me like you held on to life when your fears came alive and entombed me. Love me like you love the sun scorching the blood in my vampire heart.” 
    – Vampire Heart
     from Dark Light (this entire song tbh)
  5. “Loosen the noose, love. Loosen the noose with love. What I want to know is why you keep me hanging.”
    – Ode to Solitude
     from Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice, Vol. 666
  6. “Run, come shatter me now. Shatter me with hope. Crawl, come breathe me in. Bleed out all sorrow. Scream me a dream, untouched by shadows.”
    – Shatter Me With Hope
     from Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice, Vol. 666
  7. “So I’ll break all the rules in this endless game once called love for you. Disarm me with your loneliness just like always before. Deceive me out of my emptiness, telling me how you love me with all your heart no more. Tell me how much it hurts my love (no more). Tell me how much my kiss can change your world (no more). Tell me how much it hurts to be alone (no more). Telling me that you me with all your heart. No more.”
    – Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)
     from Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice, Vol. 666
  8. “I fear we’re lost to the summer rain, lonely and afraid. Tears on tape, I will follow into your heart, sketching rain from afar. Tears on tape, she surrenders needle in arm while we dance into the storm. And for a moment, there’s no pain.”
    – Tears On Tape
     from Tears On Tape
  9. “Just show me a life worth living for and light up the dark. Watch me fall for you, my venus doom. Hide my heart where all dreams are entombed, my venus doom.”
    Venus Doom from Venus Doom
  10. “I’m drunk on your tears. Baby, can’t you see it’s hurting? Ohhhhhh. // Your love is a razorblade kiss. Sweetness is the taste from your lips.”
    – Razorblade Kiss
     from Razorblade Romance
  11. “The arms, safest, and words, so good. The faith, deepest, in this world so cold and cruel. So close to the flame, burning brightly. It won’t fade away and leave us lonely.”
    Close to the Flame from Heartache Every Moment
  12. “I know, my church is not of silver and gold. Its glory lies beyond the judgment of souls. The commandments are of consolation and warmth. Your know our sacred won’t fail. The sanctuary tend and so frail. The sacrament of love, the sacrament of warmth is true. The sacrament is you.”
    – The Sacrament
     from Love Metal
  13. “And Love’s lies cruel, introduced me to you and at that moment, I knew that I was out of hope. Kill me, I begged and Love said no. Leave me for dead and let me go. Kill me, I cried and Love said no.”
    – And Love Said No
     from And Love said No: Greatest Hits 1997-2004
  14. “With the venomous kiss you gave me, I’m killing loneliness. With the warmth of your arms, you saved me. I’m killing loneliness with you.”
    – Killing Loneliness
     from Dark Light
  15. “I’m in love with you. You are my heaven tonight. Trying to find the heart you hide, trying to find the heart you hide in vain. Oh, in vain.”
    – Heaven Tonight
     from Razorblade Romance


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