A Reading for a High Priestess

“I made a major life change of splitting with my long term partner of 4 years. I’m happy, I just am curious to see what future or whatever might include or lead to.”

For your tarot reading, because it has a lot to do with the general direction of your life in multiple aspects (i.e. not just love, not just career, etc.), I decided to do a 7-card spread for checking your direction.
The Direction Spread examines your past, present, and future, opposing forces and obstacles in your life, and then advice is given in the cards pulled, rather than me looking at your situation and giving advice myself. In addition, I like to pull a “querent” card, which means a card that signifies you as a person, and I can read how exactly the querent card interacts with other cards, and thus how your inner personality relates/reacts with the cards.
I pulled The High Priestess as your querent card. She is the card for femininity, intuition, and wisdom (and my personal favorite). High Priestesses are charged with protection of their communities, maintaining collective knowledge, and guiding their charges in correct paths. They are balanced, stable, and powerful. Additionally, the High Priestess wears the crown of the Triple Goddess, which symbolizes the three stages of womanhood: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.
First, in your reading, I pulled the Knight of Pentacles (reversed) for your past, Page of Wands for your present, and Wheel of Fortune for your future. The past suggests stagnation or failed efforts–i.e. you have put in effort and hard work, but as the card is reversed, it did not pay off. You have a road of possibilities but are stuck or un-moving. Pentacles are usually associated with material wealth, and so I would posture more in terms of career and material goods rather than, say, emotional or romantic work. The card also suggests the stagnation has left you bitter or envious of others, particularly, again, envy of the gifts and wealth of others. Your present suggests a change in direction–doing something you haven’t done before, chasing adventures, taking risks. Completely blue skies, bright colors, and a glowing orange and open landscape for you to see. The change in direction and perspective has made you less envious. Your future, however, says there will be an unexpected, positive change of events (truly a change in fortune). As the High Priestess, it is your job to go with the flow. You are supposed to follow your intuition, trust in life, and eventually learn that your femininity will evolve (like a pokémon). My guess is a transition in your life as a woman (touching back to the High Priestess card)–from girl to mother, and thus taking on the guiding force, sexuality, and power that role brings. (Literally or not, I dunno. You could just adopt another cat.) However, the Wheel of Fortune card is a major arcana, and as a result, the change of fortune is, well, major. It is not like a $0.50 raise, but more life-changing.
Now, how do you get there? The cards say King of Swords and Knight of Swords (reversed). Swords, as a suit, characterize matters of intelligence. So, in a general aspect, think. Be smart. You are wise and intuitive, so act like it. The king is educated and does not react until he has all of the information. As a result, be prepared for the unexpected and also do not jump into anything just because it is there. Just because an opportunity presents itself and it seems great and shows how great you are, doesn’t mean you should go for it. There will be better. Furthermore, the knight is a soldier on horseback, sword drawn, ready to whoop some ass. He advances forward with conviction. You should follow suit–be prepared, gather all of the information you need, use your intuition to fill in the gaps, and go.
The only thing in your way is the Six of Pentacles (reversed), which is your ego. Originally, the Six of Pentacles is a symbol of giving and kindness, sharing wealth, and giving yourself to others. However, reversed, it is the opposite–keeping everything to yourself, selfishness, and/or wanting to take from others. Selfishness will keep you locked away from opportunity. The Six of Pentacles as a card is said to represent the Moon in Taurus, which is when the urge and ability for nurture, fertility, and sustenance are strongest. Your biggest obstacle is wanting to take the nurture and security that another person gives you without giving your own, and also using securities and opportunities to strengthen only yourself, not your community.
Aaaaand finally, your outcome was unusual because, even though the spread has one single card as an outcome, I pulled two cards for this. So, with your change of fortune, if you remain mindful of your ego, taking steps to educate and lead others, and evaluating all circumstances (especially your intuition) before making decisions, your outcome would be The Lovers and the King of Wands. The Lovers stand for (obviously) intimacy and deep communication with like-minded people. It is often paired with love, romance, and soulmates, again, for obvious reasons. There is the Tree of Life positioned in the background, which suggests fulfillment and whole-ness. The sun is shining. The grass is green. Angels are coming from the heavens to praise the pair. Because the High Priestess is considered the card for femininity and sensuality, 10/10 you will not die alone. The King of Wands is a continuation of your present. Endeavors that you are currently on, the new direction that you have embarked on are becoming of you. The king of wands is the king of adventure, movement, and enterprise. Much like the page of wands (your present) setting off on a new path, the king is a confirmation of that path. He is courageous, prestigious and literally royalty–your current path will surround you with people who believe in you and your ability to lead/guide them.
tldr; your past has a lot of insecurities but you are growing into your own, taking risks, and coming into your power of the feminine. stay smart and intuitive, don’t trend toward selfishness, and you will end up a bomb ass bitch with emotionally fulfilling relationships (probably of the romantic nature) and an adventurous career.


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