“What’s wrong with white women voters?” Response to Washington Post’s Vanessa Williams

I woke up this morning, Friday, December 22, 2017 feeling great. It’s a company holiday so I don’t have to go to work. I fly out tomorrow for home, and then I head to the (French) Alps where I will learn to ski for the first time (of all places!!). I accepted an offer for an exciting new job. I have a new tablet/laptop (tabtop whom we named “Svetlana”) which is beautiful and great to use. Things were great… until I opened my browser and saw this article titled “Analysis: What’s wrong with white women voters? Here’s the problem with that question.” from The Washington Post’s Vanessa Williams. And let me tell you, readers, this article pissed me off SO MUCH that I went to Mastodon to rant. However I had so much to rant about that I decided to move it here to the blog I pay for but never use. Brace yourself for the asinine shit that you are about to read because Miss Vanessa Williams from the Washington Post wrote one of the shittiest analyses I have ever read whose sole purpose is to (1) misrepresent an argument and (2) quote irrelevant statistics to dodge accountability and absolve white women of their guilt.

And I say to this: fuck your guilt, white people, and do better. It seriously isn’t that hard to have morals and integrity.

[Content warning for the following discussion as it relates to someone accused of pedophilia and I feel the need to repeat it several times because Vanessa Williams, Kelly Dittmar, and white women in general don’t seem to get it.]


alabama election
Note: The reason non-white-or-black people are not depicted in this poll is because black and white voters represent 98.89% of the population of Alabama.

The question is in reference to the recent election in Alabama between Doug Jones (Democrat) and Roy Moore (Republican), where exit polls revealed that the majority of white people in Alabama voted for Roy Moore, a pedophile who sexually propositioned and had relations with underage girls while in his 30s, and Doug Jones, who, as far as we know, isn’t a pedophile who sexually positioned and had relations with underage girls while in his 30s. It’s like, you know, the bare fucking minimum for a candidate. (I will not mention how much I also dislike Jones because, and I can’t believe I have to say this, at least he’s not a fucking pedophile.)


Williams decides to be a chicken shit right off the bad. She says, “White women voters were excoriated on social media,” when she really means, “People of color are sick of having to stop white women from electing sex offenders to public office,” or perhaps, “People of color, and especially women of color, are curious of how long it will take white women to stop choosing whiteness at the expense of womanhood, especially when the literal representation of whiteness is someone who takes advantage of underage girls.” Let’s not mince words, Williams. You think that holding people accountable for their terrible decisions is the verbal equivalent of skinning someone (because that is what “excoriate” means, FYI, to criticize severely as a metaphor for removing the skin or rubbing raw). Words mean things.

Williams then goes on to say that this echoes the same sentiments as the exit poll after the election of Trump, saying that white women “shunned the first female major party presidential nominee in favor of Donald Trump,” someone also accused of pursuing relations with underage girls and generally being a fucking predator. Hillary Clinton is less important to this discussion and more relevant is why white women think it’s acceptable to vote for predators and not be called out for it. (I have a million problems with Clinton but, again, at least she’s not a sex offender.)

Williams quotes “some” political scientists (one, Kelly Dittmar, a white woman who sounds like she’s up in her feelings and crying #notallwhitewomen) about how this is all unfair because “women, who make up more than half the US electorate, have diverse backgrounds and experiences.” Well, that’s great, Williams, but we’re talking about WHITE women in particular right now so that is entirely irrelevant. Yes, women aren’t a monolith, but not electing a sex offender and pedophile to public office is the bare fucking minimum for being a decent human being. You’d think being a woman would make you rethink electing someone whose hobbies include taking advantage of women, but apparently not. That is the whole point of the question, “What is wrong with white women?” You don’t seem to comprehend that or perhaps you’re being willfully ignorant. IDK.

She also points out that the “majority of white women have voted for the Republican presidential nominee in all but two elections since 1952” which is great but still doesn’t explain why white women voted for a pedophile. Because he’s a Republican? Is that it? Is that your moral compass? That sounds okay to you?

More to my point on Williams and Dittmar not getting the fucking point is Dittmar’s quote, “Some of those expressing concern and confusion about why women identify with the Republican party…” (1) Again, we’re talking about WHITE women in particular. Politics aside, stop saying “women” when we’re talking about white women. White women are not universal representations of womanhood. If they were, they wouldn’t vote for a sex offender because the majority of women of other races and ethnicities did not. (2) Why do white women identify with a pedophile who preys on young girls? That’s the question we wanna know. Why would they choose someone just because he’s a Republican when being a pedophile is a disqualifying quality for most moral human beings.

There are all these statistics that follow about how women overall vote identify in relation to party lines (again, irrelevant because it’s not about party lines, it’s about why white women thought voting for a pedophile was okay and why they believe this still makes them above accountability). Then, there is the point that “the percentage of white women who identify as Republicans is far lower than white men.” SO? Nobody cares about your ugly ass party. It’s about you voting for a pedophile. Men vote for men. Men identify with men. White men overwhelmingly will choose white men, and especially this white man, because this white man didn’t take advantage of other men. Stop changing the subject and throwing blame and getting mad that we don’t yell at white men for being white men. Not the point. Again.

One of my favorite parts about this is “Dittmar said it’s wrong to assume these women don’t know what they’re doing,” yes, so why do white women knowingly, intentionally vote for a man who takes advantage of women just because he’s a Republican? Why is being a Republican more important to white women than being a pedophile? That’s what we want to know, Williams and Dittmar, and neither of you seem capable to give an answer so much as play dodgeball with accountability. Neither of you are interesting in solving the problem.

Next comes the multitude of reasons that convinced white women to vote for Moore despite him being a pedophile: anti-abortion, standing up to Washington, blah blah Senate majority. So all of that is more important to you than not supporting someone who takes advantage of women?

Then Williams says that her colleague, polling analyst Emily Guskin, was “berated” on Twitter. Berated? Really? Because some joked “#notallwhitewomen” and specified that they are white women with principles who don’t vote for pedophiles? That’s “berating”? Laughable. This is the link she provided, let me know if you find any berating. I thought it was a joke, but white people truly believe that any form of disagreement is excoriation and berating.

Lastly, Williams branches out to mention Jane Junn, a woman of color and professor who calls for intersectionality, and still misses the point. How the fuck do you quote somebody about “intersectionality” when your entire fucking analysis up to this point is the reason the words “intersectionality” exists? Do you know what that means? It does not mean giving nuance to white women who enjoy the company of pedophiles. It’s for acknowledging that white women aren’t ALL women when you want to dodge accountability. It’s for acknowledging that black women had to choose a racist over a racist pedophile to clean up white women’s mistakes. AGAIN. Then, Williams ends it by quoting Junn that “the Republican Party is the party of white people”… and doesn’t follow that up with any form of analysis (which would be that white women will choose whiteness over womanhood and people of color are justifiably not happy with that decision).

Williams, this sad excuse for an analysis should really make you evaluate your career. Lastly, it is important to note that assaults and rapes are very, very, very rarely made up (estimates are ~3%) and that they are also very, very, very hard to prosecute, so you should always believe someone who says that they have been assaulted or raped because there is a 97% chance that they are telling the truth.

Way to dodge accountability, white women. Again. #metoo is only a movement when it doesn’t threaten white supremacy.

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