About Me

closed eyes 1.pngHello, I am Guerrilla Rain. I like long walks through the wilderness, destruction, and pushing boundaries. I am a twenty-something with a lot of interests and a deep and profound love for the written word. I enjoy making people laugh, I curse a lot, and I think I just might be a 魔法少女 in the making.

Because writing autobiographies is weird and uncomfortable, I would much rather tell you about what I am into write now, in this very moment.

I would say, “I hope you like it,” but I’ve grown into not caring and I think it looks good on me.



In the Arms of Rain by HIM from their album (my favorite thing ever made), Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice. It is the audio equivalent of pure freedom and peace and love and it regularly my soundtrack to pretty much everything.


I am still playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because I like photographing all of the wildlife and fauna, so I’m trying to finish my Hyrule Compendium in an effort to procrastinate fighting Ganon.


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