Tarot: Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since, on a whim, I purchased a deck of tarot cards and begin trying to learn divination–“the craft,” as some people call it–I have received a bunch of questions about how and why and what.

Because I set up a page to request tarot readings, I thought it would also be helpful to introduce a bit of understanding into what I actually do (or rather, am trying to do).

the_lovers_tarot_card_poster-reecf760900634c88b8fe5349761bdb58_w1t_8byvr_512What is tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards–similar to modern-day playing cards–with various designs, pictures, and images. There are two “decks” within a pack of tarot cards: major arcana and minor arcana. Major arcana is a set of 22 numbered cards that correspond to big, general ideas (like “The Lovers”). Minor arcana is what you are probably more familiar with: four suits with a range of cards from ace to king in each set.

The practice as a form of divination has very convoluted roots, but modern consensus is that it arrived, in its current form, around the 18th century in Italy.

Is it Satanic/devil worship?

No. Satan is irrelevant and no worship is involved. There is a “The Devil” card in the major arcana, but it represents much of the Christian mythology and symbolism surrounding Satan and I will explain its symbolism when I actually pull it.

Can you predict the future?

If I did, do you think I’d be so broke?

How long does it take you to read cards?

Depends on the reading–some spreads are single cards, which take less time and are much easier than other things. Also, reading for myself or someone I know well is easier and faster than other people. Some cards, I know better than others. Typically won’t take more than 20 minutes.

Why did you start learning tarot?

I was bored.

What deck do you use?

Universal Waite, but you can use whatever you want.

For more information, please see my list of tarot vocabulary.