@ 14

At fourteen, I was a shining star I was someone new and improved and raw A master of eloquent machinations and Visceral realness. I was a femme de renaissance. At fourteen, da Vinci would be jealous of me. I swirl lies on my tongue like potions. Not a substance my wit can’t breach. They say […]

Last Night

You know that suffocating feeling, right? Where you could cry or die or both, really. Where you’re always wrong, even when you’re not. Where maybe you should just stop talking now. Because they hear just what they want to hear With their synthetic souls and plaster hearts Store-bought views and their parents’ big bad thoughts […]


Five skeletons rage on a driftwood stage. Molten pink, yellow, green flesh dangling Screaming, strumming, drumming. Rock never rests. Parental Advisory Explicit Content. The CD sets in a golden hot blaze. Skyscrapers burn and break off into yachts. Black smoke rises. Green, filthy water runs. But where are all the people? We survived, baby! * 起死回生 […]


There’s something that I have to say— I was wrong, again. Not only am I blindly stumbling down a dark alley But I’m also aimlessly traveling on a desert road With the loud roar of a broken engine. So really, I’d be better off walking. I shouldn’t have walked away from you or anyone else In […]