My Favorite Band Splits

I love the band HIM. I unapologetically love their weird ass, depressing ass, fatalistic love songs. I love the super dirty, grungy 80s metal slowmo guitar solos and the lithe piano riffs and the bass that sounds like sex and the baritone. HIM, to me, sounds like two young pale as shit goths sneaking off to have sex in a forgotten cemetery in the middle of nowhere. And you know what? I don’t care. For all of their kinda creepy shit, HIM taught me how to love.

Who am I, again?

Ironically enough, this entire pro-black, black girls rock, #blackgirlmagic, naturally beautiful, body positivity, break down the gender norms and heteronormative standards and binaries blah blah blah gave made me like myself less. I’m not magical or outstanding or… anything. I’ve generally always been positive and accepting and I’ve always had broad definitions of beautiful that […]