An Ember in the Ashes (Review)

You know that book, where the story is good, but the writer makes choices that actually detract from your enjoyment? I don't mean killing off a beloved character. Some characters have to die. I mean, flat out, poor, nonsensical choices that they keep trying to force in when that just isn't in the cards, fam. … Continue reading An Ember in the Ashes (Review)

Top 10 Favorite Books Ever!!

One day at work, dying of boredom when really I should be working, I thought about my favorite books, books that I would swear by if I ever got dragged into an underground, prove-your-bookworm-dedication cult. I often get a compulsive urge to numerate my life, my personality, and my quirks, probably so that I can… Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Books Ever!!