Top 10 Favorite Books Ever!!

One day at work, dying of boredom when really I should be working, I thought about my favorite books, books that I would swear by if I ever got dragged into an underground, prove-your-bookworm-dedication cult. I often get a compulsive urge to numerate my life, my personality, and my quirks, probably so that I can… Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Books Ever!!

Sympathy for the Devil

“You will never know me,” the archangel reminds, As he wipes his blood soaked sword clean. “My dear brother,” Lucifer says, “Good boys shouldn’t lie.” “You stand and watch as the heavens divide, And you, piece by piece, break down the machine.” “My dear brother,” Lucifer says, “Good boys shouldn’t lie. Where were you, brother,… Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil