About Me

Rather than giving you a biography into my life (hello, I am in my twenties and I like a lot of things!), I figure it would be more interesting to show you all the things that I’m really into right now.



In the Arms of Rain by HIM from their album (my favorite thing ever made), Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice.


Still playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because I like photographing all of the wildlife and fauna, so I want to finish my Hyrule Compendium to procrastinate fighting Ganon.

Dream Daddy: A Dad-Dating Simulator (DDADDS), where you create your dad-sona and date all the hot dads in your neighborhood. With a lil bit of parenting included.



Currently reading a book on Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and The Fifth Element by N.K. Jemison.


I’m really into my own writing these days. Check out the ‘Writing’ page or head to Wattpad.


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