gazing 2

Hendricks is an android, inherited by The Clan to serve at their every whim and programmed to put her life on the line to protect them. However a botched foraging mission throws her into the (somewhat) welcoming arms of the Misfits, a community of genetically engineered humans, androids, and cyborgs that humans are determined to exterminate if they cannot be controlled… But why? This space opera follows the adventures, battles, loves, and losses of Hendricks, her gang of Misfits, The Clan and their expedition crew, and the Quality Control Force fighting to bring order to the galaxies. New chapters published weekly on Wattpad.


“My name is Kieren Desdemona Foley. I am twenty-four years old, a Sagittarius, and allergic to shellfish. I am an entirely unremarkable person and yet something remarkable has happened to me: I woke up able to see the future and hear people’s thoughts. However not only do some demons want me dead now, but I watched a woman die today, and it all could have been avoided if I wasn’t unseen and unheard. Thus is the life of the inheritor of Cassandra’s Curse.” This is a slice-of-life, magical girl paranormal story about Kieren’s attempts to save the world and navigate being a young adult when she is entirely unremarkable and easily ignored. New chapters published weekly on Wattpad.

Alchemy RougeThis is the story of the struggle of two alchemist women, Soraya and Lolita, as they battle the terrifying warlord Equinox and his army named The Fiery, a legion of monsters aiming to annihilate the alchemy race. There are two stories interwoven: that of Lolita, daughter of the late emperor Ach, determined to avenge the deaths of her family, and that of Soraya, the only high priestess of the largest alchemist clan, apprenticeship cut short and who has something that Equinox really wants. Available on Wattpad, but not regularly updated.


Momo wakes up in a white room, greeted by her “best friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-distant-friend” Ember who has died. Ember reveals some brutal news: she too is dead and that they are in the Afterlife. However, Momo does not remember dying and there resides something sinister in this beautiful place that makes her very eager to find a way out. This is an idea that I am still toying with, so only one chapter is published thus far.



A Survey of Forms: Poetry Collection